The idea: "Necessity is the mother of invention,"

For this year's Catalyst, “we would like to ask the choreographers to create a guide for their piece using art form other than dance. It doesn't matter which art form, but it has to be performed live.” This is to encourage a cross medium/discipline approach.

What's a "performance" guide?

It's a way for you to help the audience enjoy and/or understand your dance piece. Just like last year's print based guide, it's an extension of your dance performance.

Is it like an introduction?

Not quite. The guide doesn't have to give any factual information about the piece.

Is it like an explanation for my piece?

No, not quite. We leave it up to you to decide how much of an explanation you want to give to your audience for the experience with the work.

What constitutes a “performance”?

We understand that the word performance is open to different readings. For the working definition of what is intended for Catalyst, live performance is any manipulation of material use to generate the overall experience with the work. The performance aspect requires some kind of real time interactivity. This interactivity can happen the moment the doors open or the moment the performers step on stage. We require that all performances must occur on the stage at some point.

How much performance time do we have?

The total on-stage time is 18 minutes.

How long does the guide or the dance section have to be?

Each part has to be a minimum of 30 seconds.

Does the guide have to come right before the piece itself?

Nope. We leave that up to you in achieving your purpose. Just remember you have only 18 minutes total for the on-stage performance.

Is Catalyst a festival?

No. The production of Catalyst is collaboration by all artists who are presenting their work. LAMA simply provides the venue and platform for artists to present their work.

Please submit:

  • your contact information (phone, email, etc)
  • biography
  • a concise write-up of your proposed concept or idea (1-2 paragraphs)
  • the estimated length of your piece
  • samples of your previous work via video link or video CD/DVD.

All submissions are due 9/29/2010

Please email your submissions or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!