Catalyst 2011 Video Guides

Ever since the first Catalyst, we have asked each participating choreographer to create a "guide" for his/her piece. This "guide" is there to help the audience to understand, perceive and enjoy the artist's work. The "guide" is not an explanation, though it could be. The "guide" doesn't have to be factual, though it could be. The "guide" can be anything, as long as it serves the purpose of how the choreographers want to prepare the audience to see their work at Catalyst.

For this year's Catalyst, we have asked each artist to create a 1-2 minute video guide for their piece that is to be shown on the internet ahead of this year's shows. The medium and format may have changed, however, the purpose is still the same.

Ashley Dragon | Mildred E. Nelson

Hugo Diaz | Dress Code: Bound

Diana Sherwood | Seraphic Song

Lydia Zimmer | Bones and Blueprints

Heyward Bracey, Humberto Howard, and Da Xu | Black Angel

Alexx Shilling | this dance is stolen